believe that all campers must meet with “wild elephants” at Khao Yai when visiting the national park.

Even though the Asian elephants in our country are tamer than the African elephants, we have to be careful of both ourselves and the others around us. We can’t escape wild encounters while travels. So how do we deal and behave while encountering with these animals, Let’s find the answer together…

The national park is open for tourists visiting. Why are there more elephant sightings?

The national park is closed. Due to the Covid19 situation. The ecosystem restoration and become more fertile. Which makes wild animals come out to live and make a living on the road more. So that’s why it’s not hard to meet these animals in all areas.

How should you do and behave when you encounter a wild elephant?

First, analyze and observe the attitude and temper of the elephant by looking at its ears, trunk, and tail that will flicker. If it is only interested in food and has no sign of interest in humans, it is mean the elephant is in a good temper. For bad temper elephants, its ears are erect, the trunk is stiff, the tail is not pointed and swayed. and eyes fixed on and ready to run into humans. In the case of a mother elephant If in an angry temper can run straight into humans from a long distance. Therefore, if we know the elephant symptoms, having consciousness and staying far away.

Basic practices when encountering an elephant while driving

Stop the car, give an elephant pass first and maintain a distance of at least 30 meters, recommended to keep the engine on at all times. In order to keep up with the possible retreat. Importantly, do not honk the horn, make a loud noise, turn on the flashing light/flash on the elephant. Because it can make the elephant angry and startled.

Are the same practices of encountering an elephant at night?

At night, the car lights can be turned on. so that we can see the elephant’s attitude but should be turned on as a low beam. If the car maintains a distance of at least 50 meters can be turned on the high beam.

Taking a picture with the elephants. Is it something that should be Do or Don’t?

It is very dangerous to take pictures with wild elephants. And can not escape in time.

How should we do when encountering the wild elephants while setting up the tent?

It was a very dangerous event and it was quite difficult to find a way to survive. But the important thing is that we should have consciousness and find the escape way first. Analyze the surrounding paths that the elephants thought they would not be able to follow. Do not make the elephant startled, make the atmosphere around you in peace as best as possible.

Having consciousness when encountering wild elephants Is it really a pair?

Regardless of whether all vehicles pass through the area inhabited by wild elephants, whether near or far. They are all in risky areas. If the car in front reverses The rear car must retreat consciously. Driving consciousness is a must. In this situation, you have to be more conscious. When you see that the situation did not seem to be good. Please call the staff to help immediately. Finally, UrOwn Adventure wants to tell you that if you be friends with them, and not going to hurt or make them feel threatened first. They will give us friendship back as well.

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