Two Point Carbine Sling สายสะพายปืน


Product description

Good weapon sling is a crucial element of your equipment. It doesn’t matter if you use your long weapon during your everyday service or do you use it only on the range. The sling allows your hands to rest or prevents your weapon from bumping onto the ground during the transition to side arm.

TWO POINT CARBINE SLING is very simple, yet well-thought weapon sling. Constructed mainly of 1” nylon webbing, it has a wide, foam padded comfort pad in the central section, allowing a better weight distribution, even with weapon with lots of accessories.

The comfort pad is covered with mesh for better ventilation and to avoid your neck from being scratched. The small, velcro closed pocket on the comfort pad allows you to carry some extra batteries for your red dot or weapon light, while long velcro stipe allows easy personalization.

The sling is mounted to the weapon via webbing with triglides. Additionally, there are two adapters for mounting the sling through different weapon mounts, including mounting it around the forearm.

Thanks to quick adjustment system it is possible to adjust the length of the sling to almost any silhouette or equipment.


  • Made of 1” wide nylon webbing
  • Padded comfort pad covered with mesh
  • Velcro closed battery pocket
  • Loop velcro stipe for personalization
  • Mounts to the weapon via webbing with triglides or attached adapters
  • Quick adjustment system
  • WooJin buckles

Two Point Carbine Sling® มี 5 สี


Adaptive Green

Shadow Grey

Olive Green



1.         ทำจากสายรัดไนลอนขนาดกว้าง 1 นิ้ว

2.         เบาะนุ่มสบายหุ้มด้วยตาข่าย

3.         เวลโครปิดช่องใส่แบตเตอรี่

4.         ห่วง velcro stipe สำหรับการปรับแต่ง

5.         ติดตั้งเข้ากับอาวุธผ่านสายรัดด้วยทริกไลด์หรืออะแดปเตอร์ที่ต่อมา

6.         ระบบปรับอย่างรวดเร็ว

7.         WooJin หัวเข็มขัดฟกฟฟ

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